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About Vela

Vela began in 2006 as the independent consulting services of Maja (My-a) Kazazic. Maja (My-a) began her career in site development and process management while still at college, where she was on the CERMUSA development team.

Maja’s career continued as senior web analyst for a Fortune 100 insurance company. Through her experience in that role, Maja developed a unique point of view and methodology for developing sites that served as e-commerce properties as well as administrative systems that streamlined the support processes and allowed her unit’s division to double their size in the 7 years that she led the web analyst team.

Subsequently, she formed Vela Business Solutions which has evolved into a complete website design and development company specializing in the business process management. Vela’s clients include companies in the Fortune 100 as well as small and medium-sized businesses who are challenged to maintain productivity in the face of challenging economic times. Vela is privileged to be able to offer some of the industry’s most creative and innovative designers and developers. Vela’s corporate culture is built on responsiveness, accountability and a fair dose of fun. We are pleased that our reputation proceeds us and we’re seen as knowledgeable, yet approachable. We know that the best possible outcome is seen when we are responsive to our clients and anticipate not only what they want, but what their organization’s need to continue to thrive.

As a small company where everyone has a “Hands-on” approach we are able to deftly change direction and scope as our clients needs and expectations change. We save our clients time and money. We truly become partners with our clients and we harness our combined skill and knowledge to create compelling solutions for our projects whether they are for emerging or conventional technologies.

About Maja Kazazic

Maja (My-a) Kazazic emigrated to the United States in 1993, at age 16, after being severely injured (eventually losing her left leg) during the Bosnian War. Leaving her family behind, Maja was evacuated for medical treatment to Croatia, Germany, and ultimately to the United States. She didn’t speak any English. She had nothing but a t-shirt and an unfailing determination to recover and make a new life!

Although she was busy and involved with reinventing her new life, not having her parents and brother with her left a gap in her happiness.

She set her sights on getting them out of Bosnia and bringing them to The United States. Hundreds of hours of work and research, reams of correspondence and dozens of phone calls finally led to a trip to the Baltimore Washington International airport in 1995 to see her parents and brother for the first time in two years.

Maja is currently an active motivational speaker sharing her story to empower people as well as businesses.

To learn more about Maja Kazazic you can visit her personal website www.MajaKazazic.com .